10/28-11/8 English 1CP & 1H Agendas

I’m out of the classroom.
NoRedInk – complete assessment and new assignment
BURP Presentation Notes
BURP due Tuesday (50 points)
All Classes: Mini Writing Lesson (Quote Sandwich)
                          BURP Projects
English CP (Periods 1, 2, 3, 6): Work on BURP
English H: Presentations Continued
All classes: Present Projects
All Classes: Last work day for Novel Projects
10/31-11/1 Fire Days – No School
Minimum Day
Periods 1, 2, 3, & 6:
Read for 10 minutes
Assign group BURP project (on Google Classroom)
Period 5:
Complete reading “The Metamorphosis”

Choose two elements of Marxist Literary Criticism that you feel are seen throughout the literary piece.

Find two examples of how each one of those elements are met using concrete details (evidence/quotes/paraphrase).

For example:

First Element Chosen:
1) First concrete detail for first element
2) Second concrete detail for first element
Second Element Chosen:
1) First concrete detail for second element
2) Second concrete detail for second element

Type using complete sentences, spelling, and mechanics. Submit here by creating your own document and turning it in. Due tomorrow before class.

Period 5: instructions in Google Classroom.
Periods 1, 2, 3, and 6:
Silent read individual books for 15 minutes.
Open notebooks. Make a new page titled “Sold Vocabulary.” I will check this work,on Wednesday. On that page write down the following vocabulary words and look up/write down their definitions:
1. Haughty
2. Tawny
3. Perpetual
4. Auspicious
5. Indignation
6. Entranced
7. Shorn
8. Mongrel
9. Bleating
10. Seering
11. Sheen
12. Tentative
13. Pariah
14. Furtively
15. Vexed
16. Antic
17. Paltry
18. Feign
19. Fervor
20. Stew
21. Bray
22. Formidable
Periods 1, 2, 3, & 6:
Get “Sold” From the library
Silent read independent books and work on novel project

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