11/18/19 English 1H Agenda

Today we will do a silent group discussion using the poem “Curandera” by Pat Mora:


Building Silent Conversation

Each group receives a Big Paper and each student gets a marker or pen. Each person must use a different color to make it easier to see the back-and-forth flow of a conversation.

Everyone must read the text in silence.  After you have read, you are to comment on the text and ask questions of each other in writing on the Big Paper. The written conversation must start on the topic of the text. If someone in the group writes a question, another member of the group should address the question by writing on the Big Paper. You can draw lines connecting a comment to a particular question. More than one of you can write on the Big Paper at the same time.

15 minutes.



Comment on other group’s Big Papers

Still working in silence, you will leave your groups and walk around reading the other Big Papers. Bring your marker or pen with you and write comments or further questions for thought on other Big Papers. You will rotate through FOUR groups, three minutes per group.

Return to Your Group’s Big Paper…Silence is broken.
Reassemble back at your own Big Paper. Look at any new comments written by others. Now you may have a free verbal conversation about the text, your own comments, what you read on other papers, and the comments your fellow students wrote for you. Identify one question or comment that stands out to you.

7 Minutes

Class discussion

What did you learn by doing this activity?


If you are absent, please read the poem and write one paragraph describing what you believe the poem is about and why.  Write a second paragraph illuminating a literary device used in the poem and how it is used.  Write a third paragraph illuminating a second literary device and how it is used in the poem.

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