11/21/19 English 1CP Agendas

Periods 1, 2, 3

Please have out your group discussion preparation work.  I will come around and stamp it.


If you do not have your work done, you will not be allowed to participate until it is completed.

I will put you into groups based on what assignment you completed.

  1. Introduce yourselves.
    Hi, my name is ___________.
  2. Identify which role you were assigned to.
    I was assigned to ___________.
  3. Write down the names of your group members and what role they each have.

    Every time a person contributes to the conversation, make a check mark next to their name.

  4. Start with Inquiry Master. Present one question at a time and have the group discuss. Then move clockwise to the next person once all questions have been addressed.

At the end, please reflect on one interesting item that you discussed in your groups using at leas three sentences.


Period 6

I am in a meeting.  Sorry!

Please get out your novels and a piece of paper.  Think about what happens in the novel.  How can you relate Lakshmi’s experiences to what is happening around you, around your town, in the news, or otherwise?  Choose FIVE connections to your own world outside the novel and write a paragraph for each one describing how they two things connect.

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