11/21/19 English H Agenda

Period 5 Honors English

Write on a piece of paper your account of your first day in high school. Write it explaining what your day was like, if there were any social outcasts identified immediately, and what people around you were like. What were your emotions that day?  Did your perspective change as the day went on? Do you have the same feelings or experience still?

b. Close reading of pages 51-59 (Antonio’s first day at school)
Pick out relevant sentences, or concrete detail, from the text.

Questions to ask here would be:

Why are we told that “the sun did not sing as it came over the hill” (p. 51) on Antonio’s first day of school?

How do you think Antonio is feeling?

Do the adults around him make this better or worse? How do the other children in the class react towards him?

What does Antonio do at school on the first day; is he a good pupil?

What happens at lunch time?

Turn in at the end of class.

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