11/22/19 English 1CP Agenda

Please have out your novel and a piece of paper.

We will read pages 45 – 55 together.

Please write a reflection that is at least 5 sentences on the reading.  You may speak about whatever stuck you as interesting.  If you are stuck, focus on questions like these:

  1. What happened in this part of the novel?
  2. Why would step-father do this?  What are his motivations?
  3. Does Lakshmi know?
  4. Does Ama know?
  5. What do you think is going to happen in the story (predictions)?

Go over plot mountain.  Write notes on bottom of reflection.

Watch these videos and apply the plot mountain to it on the back of your piece of paper.  Do not lose this as we will need this when you come back from break.

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