12/16 – 12/17/19 English 1CP Agendas


You need:

A loose-leaf piece of lined paper

Your notebook open to page 13 where your theme thesis statement is

  1. Write your theme thesis statement starting on the first line of your loose-leaf paper
  2. Write your group number in the upper right-hand corner (NO NAMES)
  3. Send up a group representative to staple your group’s thesis statements together
  4. Give the packet to Ms. Navarro

What the heck are we doing?

  1. I will give you another group’s papers. Do not concern yourself with whose they are.  I mean, who really cares anyway?
  2. You will use your sentence frames, examples, and editing statements from the other day to edit the statements in your group
  3. Edit ONE statement AT A TIME. That means your group should be working on the same theme thesis statement TOGETHER to write down an improved version of that thesis statement below the original statement.
  4. I will give you five minutes to try to edit one, and when the timer goes off, you must turn the page to the next statement and begin editing this one.


English 1CP 12/16/19

You need:



Read 225-244 Alone

Read 245-end of book together



Page 14 12/16/19 Sold Reflection

Did you like the ending?  Why or why not?  If you had to end the book in another way, how would you have ended it?

Minimum of 3-5 Sentences

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