12/2/19 English 1H Agenda

In your notebook:

Page ___ 12/2/19 “Chapters 9 & 10 Questions”

Do not rewrite the questions. Just number them and write the answers, following directions.

Directions: Please be prepared to answer all questions. Use examples from the book to support what you say. Answer ALL parts of a question given and EXPLAIN yourself thoroughly!

1. What conflicting desires are revealed in Tony’s dream (70-71)?

2. Why don’t Tony’s brothers want to go to California with their father? What other choices do they have? Do you think they are making the best choice? Explain.

3. What do you suppose Andrew meant when he said that some day Tony would beat the Vitamin Kid and “Some day you will beat us all” (75)? Do you think he is right? Explain. How do Andrew and Tony feel about each other? Explain.

4. Why do Tony and the others wait for the world to end?

5. What story does Samuel tell Tony about the Carp? How do you think the story made Tony feel?

6. Who is Lucas? What does he see before he grows ill?

7. Why do you think Ultima takes Tony along with her to cure Lucas? Why do you think he throws up in the morning?

8. Why do you suppose Ultima succeeds in a cure for Lucas where others have failed? Why wasn’t she called to help sooner?

9. Why does Ultima stick a pin into each of three dolls?

10. What does Grandfather give Ultima following the cure? Why? What have you learned so far about Mexican custom from this story?

11. Prediction: Will Tony’s classmates praise or bad-mouth Ultima? Explain.

Homework: Read chapters 11 and 12

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