12/5/19-12/6/19 Criminal Law


Hand back opening statements

Get out 5 sentence summaries

Come up with 5 movie titles that you would use to illustrate who you should be rooting for

Turn and share with group. Pick the one you like best out of your list of five.

Send one person from your group to write all the top titles on the board

Choose top 5 out of 20 or so titles

Put stars next to favorites

Choose the one you would like best.  This is the first statement out of your mouth when addressing the jury.


I have printed out an “Objections Worksheet” for the class to work on.  I need one turned in per person by the end of the period. The students should use their objections notes in their notebooks to better answer the question.  The answer should be phrased in objection form. For example: “Objection, your honor. This question is _____ because _____.”


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