12/9/19-12/11/19 English 1CP Agendas


Go over Thesis statements that worked.

Put up ones that didn’t work and edit as a class.

Read 205-225; find yet another example

CHECK for concrete details of your theme


Theme sentence frame:

Adapt your theme using this sentence frame (write down the sentence frame first so I can scroll down to the examples):

In TITLE, AUTHOR ______(what the writing/book/novel is about)_______ to reveal the theme that_____(my theme)___.


In “All Summer in a Day,” Ray Bradbury presents a young boy struggling with feelings of jealousy to establish the theme that the behavior of hurting others through cruelty eventually hurts the cruel person as well.

In “Born Worker,” Gary Soto contrasts the lives of two cousins to reveal the theme that a life of hard work is better than a life of lies.

In Morely Callaghan’s “Luke Baldwin’s Vow,” the main character faces the difficult choice to follow the advice of his exceedingly practical uncle or to follow his own emotions to suggest the theme that the value of something is not always the same as its monetary worth.

Put your theme thesis statement on the Padlet.

Read 185-205; find one more example of your theme. You should have a total of SEVEN for your check in on Friday!

English 1CP 12/11/19


Defined as the main idea or underlying meaning of a literary work, which may be stated directly or indirectly

A theme says something/creates a point of view about a topic

What did we learn?

How did a character change throughout the story?

What life lessons can be taken away from the story?


Let’s identify the theme in these songs:



Pick a topic and write a sentence describing what the writer believes about that topic

The author believes that _______________.

Cross out “the author believes that”

Is it vague or is your theme fully described in an academic manner?

Choose a THEME.  You must find at least 8 examples of (either in past reading or from the reading we will do in the future).

Find at least 2 examples from today’s reading.

Read 165-185

English 1CP 12/10/19

Padlet Quiz

You need your PHONE…If you do not have a phone, get a computer.

Open to page 13 in your notebook

Go here and wait for directions:

bitly for each period posted in your Google Classroom

Choose 3/5 topics from yesterday

type out: topic-page number-a few words about the example

Review others’ ideas and write down anything that you like for your now CHOSEN topic


Read 145-165; find 2 more examples of your chosen topic (page and example)

Page 13 12/9/19 “Topics and Themes”

Topics – what is a topic?

A particular issue or idea that serves as the subject of a writing

  1. Love
  2. Death
  3. Good vs. Evil
  4. Coming of age
  5. Power and corruption
  6. Survival
  7. Courage and heroism
  8. Prejudice
  9. Individual vs. Society
  10. War


Watch the following short film and identify some of the topics explored in the film: https://youtu.be/oyjw0ZLyzpE 


  • Read pages 125-145
  • Find at least FIVE topics in your reading
  • Note what PAGE you find each topic is and how it is being demonstrated in the text (an example/concrete detail)

There will be a quiz tomorrow


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