12/9/19-12/13/19 English 1H Agenda



Work on Murder Board – turn in


Murder Board for Bless Me Ultima

You are a Private Investigator for the New Mexico Criminal Defense Law Firm.  You and your team (four or less…you may work alone) have been e-mailed the wanted poster you just saw and instructions to build a viable defense for the wanted man.  Your job is to build a mini murder board describing the events and explain why Pedro should be set free or convicted.  In order to do this, you will need to track all the murders throughout the novel, why they happened, and how this led to Pedro’s actions.  Please see layout samples.



Wanted Poster of Pedro Luna Unable to Upload Due to Size Capacity


Based on your life experience:

Who and what particularly influences the way people grow up?

Based on your reading:

Describe Antonio’s process of growing up:

Do you think Antonio’s development as described in the novel is realistic for a 6- to 9-year-old?


Read chapters 21 and 22

Find 3 more examples of your theme, either in this reading or past reading


Padlet Quiz

You need your PHONE…If you do not have a phone, get a computer.

Open to page 12 in your notebook

Go here and wait for directions:


Close reading of the dreams on pages 119-122 and 172-176. (annotation notes)

In how far do these dreams reflect Antonio’s state of mind? In how far do they foreshadow events? In what way is God represented here? And the Golden Carp?

Know the answers to the above questions

Homework: READ Chapter 19 and 20


You need your notebook:

Page 12 12/9/19 “Topics and Themes”

Topics – what is a topic?

A particular issue or idea that serves as the subject of a writing

  1. Love
  2. Death
  3. Good vs. Evil
  4. Coming of age
  5. Power and corruption
  6. Survival
  7. Courage and heroism
  8. Prejudice
  9. Individual vs. Society
  10. War

Watch the following short film and identify some of the topics explored in the film: https://youtu.be/oyjw0ZLyzpE


Defined as the main idea or underlying meaning of a literary work, which may be stated directly or indirectly

A theme says something/creates a point of view about a topic


What did we learn?

How did a character change throughout the story?

What life lessons can be taken away from the story?


Let’s identify the theme in these songs:


Write down topics in your groups, three each.

Send up a rep to write your three topics on the board.  Review as a class.  Choose the ones you like.

Turn them into a theme.  Share some theme sentences.

Identify the theme at least twice in tonight’s reading.

Note what PAGE you find each topic is and how it is being demonstrated in the text (an example/concrete detail)

READ chapters 17-18!!!

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