1/27/20 – 1/31/20 Crim Law/Mock Trial


Impeachment Lesson on Google Classroom


Complete Zig Zag Vocab – 25 minutes

Impeachment Part I:

Respond to the following questions in writing:

  • Have you been following the impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives? If yes, have you formed an opinion about the accusations made against President Trump? Please share.
  • Do you ever talk with your family or friends about the impeachment inquiry? What are their perspectives?
  • How comfortable do you feel talking about the impeachment inquiry? What makes you feel this way?


Zig Zag Vocab Assignment


Comic Strip Vocab using 16 Constitutional words


Present Law and Ethics Trolley Problem Slides

1/29/20 – 1/31/20 English 1CP & 1H Agendas

Open your notebooks

1/29/20 Pg. ___ “Tone vs. Style”

Set up as Cornell Notes EQ: What is the difference between tone and writing style?

Watch this video and make notes on your notebook page based on the video


Clear up essay issues – rewrite


Making Predictions and Asking Questions

Complete the following Discussion and Prediction Chart with your partner by reading and then discussing each question. Then, come to an agreement on some common predictions. Take turns reading the questions aloud, and alternate who responds first to the questions.

As your partner responds, take notes in the right column.

GET OUT YOUR NOTEBOOK AND COPY: 1/30/20 Page 19 “Discussion and Prediction Chart: Hip Hop Planet”

Question What I Think What My Partner Thinks

Based on the title, what do you think you will be reading about?

Paragraph 1:

What does this paragraph tell you about how McBride feels about hip hop?

Paragraph 1:

What does McBride realize in this nightmare scenario?

Paragraph 1:

What do you predict McBride will discuss in his essay?

Begin Prezi

Hip Hop Prezi Supplemental Videos
https://youtu.be/9J3lwZjHenA Afrika Planet Rock

https://youtu.be/YxD0oWguVZ0 Zulu Nation

https://youtu.be/PobrSpMwKk4 Grand Master Flash

https://youtu.be/SxEbYoWsRnc DJ Kool Herc interview

https://youtu.be/Kb3Tg0N2k7M DJ Kool Herc music

https://youtu.be/UVtpXvzzXiA Get By – Talib


Impeachment Process – What is going on??

See Google Classroom

1/27/20-1/28/20 English 1CP & H Agendas


Open to your pre-write from Thursday

Answer the following in four or more compound complex sentences:

What influence does hip hop have on society and life that you have observed?  Why do you think this is?

6 minute timer

Go through the lyrics from Friday and locate allusion, metaphor, simile, and imagery (2 examples of each).

Use wheel of doom to choose random students to locate them on the projection.  Go through them and talk about them.

Warn about the essay tomorrow.



Write essay.  Due at the end of class.


Explain how the two songs “Hard Times” by RUN-D.M.C. and “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” by Laurent Hill use TWO of the following terms: simile, metaphor, imagery, and/or allusion.  Write a four-paragraph essay on the matter.  Skip the hook.


Get out your notebooks and open to the “Hip Hop Reflection” from Thursday.
Under your initial response please answer this prompt in four sentences or more:
What is your favorite song or one of your favorite songs? Why? What makes the song appealing to you? Does not have to be any specific genre.

Four sentences, minimum.
6 minutes




Complete diagrams from yesterday

15 minutes




Play two songs, pass out lyrics.



In the two songs “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” by Lauryn Hill and “Hard Times” by Run DMC locate at least two examples of each literary term: simile, metaphor, allusion, and/or imagery. Label and/or highlight each example in a way where you know which literary term is exemplified.

https://youtu.be/iiUOi0l7oE0 – how she changed hip hop

“The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” by Lauryn Hill https://youtu.be/3hvntSfvqGQ
My world it moves so fast today
The past it seems so far away
And life squeezes so tight that I can’t breathe
And every time I try to be, what someone else has thought of me
So caught up, I wasn’t able to achieve

But deep in my heart, the answer it was in me
And I made up my mind to define my own destiny

I look at my environment
And wonder where the fire went
What happened to everything we used to be
I hear so many cry for help
Searching outside of themselves
Now I know that His strength is within me

And deep in my heart, the answer it was in me
And I made up my mind to define my own destiny

And deep in my heart…
And deep in my heart, the answer it was in me
And I made up my mind to define my own destiny
“Hard Times” by RUN DMC
Hard times spreading just like the flu
Watch out homeboy, don’t let it catch you
P-p-p-prices go up, don’t let your pocket go down
When you got short money you’re stuck on the ground
Turn around, get ready, keep your eye on the clock
And be on point for the future shock

Hard times
Hard times

Hard times are coming to your town
So stay alert, don’t let them get you down
They tell you times are tough, you hear that times are hard
But when you work for that ace you know you pulled the right card
Hard times got our pockets all in chains
I’ll tell you what, homeboy, it don’t have my brain
All day I have to work at my peak
Because I need that dollar every day of the week

Hard times
Hard times
https://youtu.be/5DMyz1KvWYU this is the hard times video and song
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLJpxTZEtso How RUN DMC changed hip hop
https://youtu.be/qOhRE4wDK6w this is for background while they work



Step 1:

Notebook work:

Page ____ 1/22/20 Hip Hop Unit Vocabulary

Look up the following words and write down the definitions:

  1. Credibility
  2. Permeate
  3. Embrace
  4. Legacy
  5. Hypocrisy
  6. Defiant
  7. Enigma
  8. Clarion
  9. Moral
  10. Metaphor
  11. Simile
  12. Allusion
  13. Imagery
  14. Rhyme
  15. Slant Rhyme

Step 2:

Make a vocabulary chart like the one outlined on the board (example with these instructions) for the four words metaphor, simile, allusion, and imagery.


Used in a Sentence



Draw a picture that represents what the word means.

You may work in PAIRS (no more than two people, no excuses) and you may listen to music while you work so long as you keep it at a decent volume. 

Your volume should be at a VOLUME 2 AT ALL TIMES.

1/6/20-1/8/20 Criminal Law Agenda



The term lividity refers to an unnatural color of the skin. Lividity can be a useful reaction in determining the position of a body at the time of death and even whether a body was moved within the first few hours after death.


Spasticity means a state of being spasm which in turn mean a sudden, violent, involuntary muscular contraction; of hypertonicity. Rigidity meaning stiffness or inflexibility.

Work in groups to fill out chart:

Dr. Wolpert Dr. Jackson





















































Share out chart.  Go over as a class.


Pre-Trial Argument

Motion to suppress

A motion to suppress evidence is a request by a defendant that the judge exclude certain evidence from trial. The defense often makes this motion well in advance of trial—if the defendant wins it, the prosecution or judge may have to dismiss the case. Whether dismissal is appropriate depends on how important the evidence is to the prosecution’s case. 

Motions to suppress evidence are most common in Fourth Amendment, search-and-seizure cases.

Example:  Wallace and Poot are walking down the street. They aren’t behaving suspiciously, and the police don’t have any reason to suspect that they’ve recently committed a crime. Nevertheless, Officers Carver and Haulk pull up alongside them in a car. They order Wallace and Poot to stop, then jump out of the car and frisk both. Officer Carver finds an “eight-ball” of cocaine in Wallace’s jacket pocket. The prosecution charges Wallace with drug possession. Wallace’s lawyer files a motion to suppress the cocaine evidence. The judge grants the motion due to the fact that the officers didn’t have reasonable suspicion for the detention of Wallace and Poot, nor any basis to search them. Since the prosecution can’t prove the crime without the evidence, it moves to dismiss charges; the judge grants the motion.

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution places limits on the power of the police to make arrests, search people and their property, and seize objects and contraband (such as illegal drugs or weapons). These limits are the bedrock of search-and-seizure law.


1/6/20-1/17/20 English 1H & English 1CP Agendas

Monday 1/6/20


Welcome back!

You need:

Your notebooks and a pen.

1/6/20 Page ? “Paragraph Edits”

  1. Review schedule through finals
  2. Go over how to edit paragraphs in class

Per 3

For example, Lakshmi had to make many adjustments to her life and adapt as she made her journey to Happiness House. Lakshmi has to travel across the country and into a new one with people she did not know and has to lie that she is a random man’s wife (McCormick 56).  Lakshmi has to trust the people she is traveling with as she has no other choice.  Lakshmi adjusts to doing as she is told in order to continue to survive and hopefully arrive safe at her destination. Another piece of evidence.  Another piece of commentary.


Period 1

For example, Lakshmi is forced to travel in order for others to earn money. Lakshmi has to travel across the country and into a new one with some random strangers and has to lie that she is a random man’s wife (McCormick 89).  Uncle Husband will exploit anyone he sees fit in order to earn money.  Most people would not exploit others to the tune of prostitution to make a quick dollar.  DIFFERENT EVIDENCE. COMMENTARY.

In this illustration, Lakshmi has to experience some offsetting events to help her family financially. Lakshmi believes that she will provide her family with money by working as a maid, even though the reader understands she is being sold into prostitution (McCormick 104). Lakshmi sacrifices her education, her way of life, and her comfortable circumstances for the purpose of helping her family earn money.  She is leaving everything she knows behind. .  DIFFERENT EVIDENCE. COMMENTARY.

Period 2

In Sold Patricia McCormick, establishes a young Nepali girl being sold into prostitution to reveal the theme that one can be manipulated into doing things they don’t want to do.

For example, Uncle Husband constantly manipulates Lakshmi into behaving in ways she normally would not. For instance, Uncle Husband says to Lakshmi, “‘From now on, I will be your uncle. But you must call me husband. Do you understand?’” (McCormick 76). Based on the information in the text, in order for Lakshmi and Uncle Husband to cross the border, they must say they are married.  Uncle Husband tells Lakshmi to lie and he himself lies to her about where they are going or what they are doing, so that Lakshmi believes she is safe. Also, Lakshmi states “Uncle says I have done well, and he gives me a handful of sweets” (McCormick 80). This demonstrates, that Uncle Husband portrays himself as the good guy in Lakshmi’s eyes. He persuades Lakshmi into lying and then rewards her, making her think she did as needed and he’s her protector.

In Sold, Patricia McCormick presents a young girl that is sold into sex trafficking to reveal the theme that harming a person that isn’t you, can lead to self-harm.

For example, Mumtaz constantly harmed Lakshmi at Happiness House. Mumtaz tells Lakshmi she can either work or starve (McCormick 97). This unwillingness to work eventually impacts Mumtaz’s ability to make money of of her purchase, Lakshmi.  Eventually, this poor treatment leads to a complete loss on her investment due to Lakshmi gathering the courage to escape.

Period 5

People’s beliefs can alter the way they live life is demonstrated by Antonio’s family. Throughout the story we can see that Antonio’s family is very religious because as Antonio’s mother makes the sign of the cross, he prayed for Eugene (Anaya 75). Here, the family relies on religion to save Eugene, and nothing else including seeking further medical attention. Furthermore, it becomes evident that Antonio’s family believes in Ultima, including when she saved Lucas with her medicine that she prepared (Anaya 67). People are saved in this novel because they put their destiny in Ultima’s hands.  Lucas believed so fiercely that Ultima could help, that somehow she did.

In Bless Me Ultima, Rudolfo Anaya presents the life of a young boy who lives his life based off his parent’s dreams and expectations to establish the theme that it is important to have moral and decisive independence.

Having moral freedom and making independent decisions is demonstrated by how Antonio’s parents do not allow him to make those choices and reaps consequences thereof. The Lunas want him to be a priest or a farmer, but his heritage informs him of his vaquero roots (Anaya 667). Antonio is left grappling with his familial and inherited expectations which causes him to question who he really is an what he really wants.  He finds himself becoming more resilient to others’ impressions of himself and begins to grow his own identity as a result of the choices he has made.

Period 6

For example, Uncle Husband often manipulates Lakshmi into behavior she would not normally engage in. For instance, Uncle Husband demands, “‘From now on, I will be your uncle. But you must call me husband. Do you understand?’” (McCormick 76). Uncle Husband demonstrates to Lakshmi how simple it is to lie to someone to get your way, and they will believe you. Additionally, after crossing the border Uncle gives Lakshmi a handful of sweets and states how well she has done (McCormick 80).  The giving of sweets convinces Lakshmi that she is doing well and that Uncle Husband is her protector. Lakshmi is a young girl who trusts those who are simply nice to her when she should not.

For example, harming another person can lead to self-harm as demonstrated by Lakshmi. Mumtaz told Lakshmi that she’s either going to give herself away or she’s going to starve herself. Lakshmi would rather starve than engage in acts of prostitution (McCormick 19). Lakshmi’s response to Mumtaz’s threats result in Mumtaz losing money and harming her own pocketbook.

Commentary: love/hate phrase: This shows that (delete later)

Tuesday 1/7/20

Get YOUR computer.

Log-in.  Go to noredink.com

Review your essay.  What went right? What went wrong? Copy down feedback notes.

Begin copying essay in notebook.  Revise as you copy.


Complete writing your essay down in your notebook. As stated all week, you will no longer have access to your online version.  Ensure you have written down your entire essay.

You need highlighters.

Pink:                      Topic Sentence

Yellow:                Evidence

Other Color:       Commentary

Thursday 1/9/20

Give essay to a person you trust.  No, you may NOT keep your own.

They will use a check list to give feedback on what should be a somewhat revised version of your essay.

Begin final revision of essay.  Handwrite.

Friday 1/10/20

Complete revision.

Bring something SILENT to do if you finish early.  With scores the way they are, you should not be finishing super early.

Monday 1/13/20

Review as a class for finals

Tuesday 1/14/20

Study day.

You will be allowed ONE page of notes, on ONE side, for your final.  This will be mostly a skills based final.




Period 0 7:00 – 7:54
Period A 8:00 – 10:00
NUTRITION 10:00 – 10:20
Period B 10:26 – 12:26
LUNCH 12:26 – 12:50


Wednesday:       Periods 0, 1, 2

Thursday:            Periods 0, 3, 4

Friday:                  Periods 5, 6