1/29/20 – 1/31/20 English 1CP & 1H Agendas

Open your notebooks

1/29/20 Pg. ___ “Tone vs. Style”

Set up as Cornell Notes EQ: What is the difference between tone and writing style?

Watch this video and make notes on your notebook page based on the video


Clear up essay issues – rewrite


Making Predictions and Asking Questions

Complete the following Discussion and Prediction Chart with your partner by reading and then discussing each question. Then, come to an agreement on some common predictions. Take turns reading the questions aloud, and alternate who responds first to the questions.

As your partner responds, take notes in the right column.

GET OUT YOUR NOTEBOOK AND COPY: 1/30/20 Page 19 “Discussion and Prediction Chart: Hip Hop Planet”

Question What I Think What My Partner Thinks

Based on the title, what do you think you will be reading about?

Paragraph 1:

What does this paragraph tell you about how McBride feels about hip hop?

Paragraph 1:

What does McBride realize in this nightmare scenario?

Paragraph 1:

What do you predict McBride will discuss in his essay?

Begin Prezi

Hip Hop Prezi Supplemental Videos
https://youtu.be/9J3lwZjHenA Afrika Planet Rock

https://youtu.be/YxD0oWguVZ0 Zulu Nation

https://youtu.be/PobrSpMwKk4 Grand Master Flash

https://youtu.be/SxEbYoWsRnc DJ Kool Herc interview

https://youtu.be/Kb3Tg0N2k7M DJ Kool Herc music

https://youtu.be/UVtpXvzzXiA Get By – Talib


Impeachment Process – What is going on??

See Google Classroom

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