1/27/20-1/28/20 English 1CP & H Agendas


Open to your pre-write from Thursday

Answer the following in four or more compound complex sentences:

What influence does hip hop have on society and life that you have observed?  Why do you think this is?

6 minute timer

Go through the lyrics from Friday and locate allusion, metaphor, simile, and imagery (2 examples of each).

Use wheel of doom to choose random students to locate them on the projection.  Go through them and talk about them.

Warn about the essay tomorrow.



Write essay.  Due at the end of class.


Explain how the two songs “Hard Times” by RUN-D.M.C. and “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” by Laurent Hill use TWO of the following terms: simile, metaphor, imagery, and/or allusion.  Write a four-paragraph essay on the matter.  Skip the hook.

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