2/24/2020 – 3/1/2020 Criminal Law Agenda


Students will be in groups (up to four) and will work together to plan out and produce a short infomercial attempting to sell their branch of government like a product.

Students will work in their groups to create their infomercial. Students will be scored by me. Student will also score themselves and their other group members to create an average score to be added to their score from the teacher.

Suggestion for editing: Filmora Go

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) – make sure it is easy to understand and not cluttered with excess movement and gestures; audiences need all the clues they can get to understand what you’re doing

Be fantastic – both in the “good performance” aspect and the “not reality” aspect; this does not have to follow regular rules and should be larger than life at all times

Step 1: Thursday 2/27/2020


Write down what you want to do. Make a storyboard or outline. MUST be turned in with the project.

Step 2: Friday 2/28/2020

Film! Go film the video! Who is recording? Who is acting?

Step 3: Monday 1/2/2020

Edit the video! An easy app that my students have used time and time again (and can be used on a computer as well) is Filmora Go! If you want to use something else, that is fine.

Some infomercials for inspiration:




2/25/2020 – 2/26/2020

Go to: icivics.org/games/branches-power

Click the puzzle piece and “enable flash player” the click allow

Go over instructions

Play each game – one per day

Show Ms. Navarro the certificate for each game (one per day) to receive credit


Constitutional Compromises and Structure of Government Notes and PPT

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