2/24/2020-2/27/2020 English Agendas


Please have out your notebooks and open them to “Hero’s Journey Notes”

Complete clock for short story “Thank You, Ma’am.”

Assign project (instructions and rubric posted on Google Classroom today). Begin project.


Open to “Hero’s Journey Notes” from yesterday. Draw a giant clock with the time stamps on it.
Watch the video (on Google Classroom) demonstrating hoe elements of hero’s journey is an endless cycle that you can put into a clock for ease of analytics.
Watch video again and try to write down all titles that go with the time stamps.
Figure out which video title/time stamp goes with which note from yesterday. Draw this clock.
Read “Thank You, Ma’am” by Langston Hughes as a class. Begin to fill out new clock for this short story.


Create new page in notebook: 2/24/2020 Page ___ “Hero’s Journey Notes”

Use whichever notation style best suits you (Cornell, visual, outline, etc) to take notes on the in class prezi re: what is the hero’s journey and what are its elements?

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