2/7/2020-2/14/2020 English 1CP & 1H Agendas


Write the essay and turn in at the end of class


Now what is that raccoon doing?  Why did he do this?



the running on of the thought from one couplet, line, or stanza to the next without any indication of a break (comma, period, dash, etc.)


mix of metaphor and a direct message to humans about human behavior in the hopes of getting them to behave differently

Get out your lyrics.

(OMG, where are my lyrics?  Hold on, let me find them.)

Guess what?  We are writing an essay tomorrow!  Hooray! You get to use your lyrics to assist in your essay writing.  You will tell the reader how the lyrics you brought use alliteration, consonance, assonance, enjambment, and/or allegory to convey meaning.  How do your examples from your song choice embody the literary term?  What does this do to help convey meaning?  Four paragraph essay. Let’s talk conclusions.

Page 22 2/13/20 Conclusion Outline


Begin planning your essay!


What is this raccoon doing?  Write a creative story in your warm up section. Holding umbrella and a drum.

Go through Betty Botter’s Better Batter

Assign one line per group to follow my lead on the first one or two lines when finding alliteration, assonance, and consonance.

Have them write on the board.  Review as a class.

Use another tongue twister.  Have them write it down in their notebook and complete the search using the entire twister.

Tupac or Shakespeare? Game

Look up, define, and give an example of allegory and enjambment.

Bring school appropriate lyrics to class for analysis.


Tupac and Shakespeare packet.  Complete the questions on the final page.


Writing warm up.

Complete Friday tone work.

Define consonance, assonance and alliteration.

Try to say the tongue twister Betty Botter.


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