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Constitutional Stations and corresponding work


Initial vocab quiz

Shay’s Rebellion Quiz

Google Forms Constitutional Questions


Study for quiz on Mon/Tues.


DO I HAVE A RIGHT? Constitutional Practice and Corresponding Questions

Open the game linked above and choose the “Bill of Rights Edition.”  While playing the game answer the following questions in three or more well thought out and constructed sentences.  Due before class tomorrow.

  1. Choose a case from the game where you think a client doesn’t have a right. Explain why the right isn’t protected, and if you agree that it should not be protected.

  2. Discuss how you are using your Prestige Points to improve your office. Explain how the points improve the business.
  3. Describe the goal of your law firm during your last case and write a caption that explains it.
  4. Choose a point in your case that you thought was particularly challenging and explain why. 
  5. Choose a point in which the game would have played out differently if a particular amendment was not in place and explain how the case might have been resolved without the amendment.


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