3/2/2020 English CP Agenda

Work for 3/2/2020 to be explained in class:

Page 22 “MLA Citations Notes”


Shortcut! Go here:



Research! How do we know if this website is any good? Review the CRAAP Test. You are required to have one filled out for at least two of the sources you use in your project. CRAAP Test checklist

Finally! Follow these instructions:

Type in the search bar:


Click on the red button that reads:

GO TO OHS digital library

Click on the icon that says “High School”

The system will prompt you to use a password/user ID which is: yellowjackets

Use search bar to search topic

Cheat codes:

(1) Scroll to the bottom of any source in the GALE system and you will see that the citation is already done for you! Woooooo hoooooo!
(2) Cheat number two: article too long an don a bunch of stuff you don’t need? Can’t find what you are looking for? CTRL+F will open a find window where you can type in a key word or words for what you are looking for. The arrows on the find bar will allow you to jump to anytime that is used. MAGIC!

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