9/16/19-9/20/19 Criminal Law Agendas


Go over answers from yesterday.

Read first deposition and place on the timeline.


Answer the following questions in your notebook from pages 3-4 book:

  1. What is a criminal case?
  2. What is a burden of proof?
  3. What is the criminal burden of proof?  Elaborate!
  4. What are “aggravating” and “mitigating” circumstances?
  5. What are affirmative defenses?
  6. Why is case law important?


Complete personal timeline.

Create gigantic timeline on the back wall of events as set out in the basic fact pattern.

9/9/19-9/13/19 Criminal Law Agendas


Full Case Packet!  A look at the details of the case from the charges.


Page 59 – 62 in the book.  Take notes on hearsay in groups.  Read out loud or silently.


Hearsay – an introduction.  What is evidence?  What are the different typed of evidence?  What is hearsay?


Late start: My Cousin Vinny


Complete Criminal Law Case Brief Questions.

Criminal Law Agenda 9/3/-9/6

Read and learn about Al Capone.  Discuss the weight of law and what that actually means.

Review court house roles.  Show how they are used in mock trial.

Review criminal trial structure.

Expose students to time sheet and have them staple it in their notebook.

Get books from library.

Go over case brief.

  1. In three or less sentences summarize the case.
  2. What is the prosecution’s/victim’s (government’s) main argument that the defendant is guilty?
  3. What is the defendant’s/alleged murderer’s argument that he is innocent?
  4. What facts do you believe? Why?
  5. What facts DON’T you believe? Why?

Criminal Law Class Week 1

Welcome to the first year of Criminal Law!  I am very excited to be piloting this program and look forward to filling your minds with new and enthralling information.  This class is not JUST for mock trial competitors, but for anyone who wants to learn about Criminal Law.

Day 1: Today was an introduction to the idea of Criminal Law and how our memory is flawed as eye witnesses.  I played a video from Shazam (the robbery scene) and had students get into groups and work to write down every single detail they could remember.

Day 2: What to expect?  The VCOE website?  What exactly is Mock Trial?

Day 3: Should it be a crime? An activity be StreetLaw.