3/15-3/16; 3/19-3/21 Drama Agenda


Act out 3 plays


Field Trip


What is setting?  Ask questions about collaborative set design.

Read Alice in Wonderland Tea Party scene setting from book.  Have students draw.  Show students 4 Alice Tea Party movie scenes to see the different takes on the same setting. Choose one setting from one play for models. Bring cardboard.


Sneeze: 3/20/18

Think about your favorite place to go in the entire world.  You MUST have been there before.  Describe that place as though you are approaching it, using complete sentences and vivid imagery.  At least half of a page.

PAC for two plays.


Trade descriptions from yesterday and have them sketch your favorite place.

Find actual scene description.

Final play.

3/12-3/14 Drama Agendas


Have class choose SIX best plays.  Get into play groups.  Assign characters and practice plays for presentation on Wednesday.


Rehearsal day.

3/14 Presentation day.

3/7-3/8 Drama


Watch film clips – SAT day


Print our scripts.  Sit in groups.  Pass each script counter clockwise from group to group, reading aloud and editing.  Read and edit for twelve minutes.  Pass to next group.  Repeat.


*Is it high school appropriate
-spacing – correct tabs, double spaced
-Font – courier new, size 12
-ten pages
-characters’ names in all caps
*Does it make sense?
*Should there be more detail?
*Grammar and spelling count!


2/20-2/21 Drama Agendas


It is finally that time!  Time to start writing your own screenplay.

You MAY work in PAIRS (no more than two people) but you do not have to.  You may work alone, as well.

Today we are going to begin by deciding if the plot you chose before is the one you want to stick with.  Whether it is or isn’t, you must draw a plot triangle/mountain reflecting the parts of your storyline.

Next, come get a character worksheet from me.  This is meant to help you begin organizing who your characters are, on a deeper level.


Sneeze 2/21

We knew that they were going to take over the world…we just weren’t prepared for how cute they were…

Tell a short story.

Write slugline and opening setting/character descriptions.

Steps to writing a script:

  1. Slugline
  2. Setting/character descriptions, inserted as they change, evolve, or are added
  3. dialogue
  4. scene direction/action/block action
  5. subtext

Samples of slug lines and descriptions for scripts:





2/9-2/16 Drama Agendas


Present comedy sketches



  1. Divide your students up into pairs
  2. Have them pick a product they wish to sell.
  3. Tell them the following:
    1. Your ads must be as close to 60 seconds as possible.
    2. If you add a jingle to your ad you can sing it.
  4. Both students will perform the ad together.


Rewrite for length and editing


You are presenting your advertisements tomorrow. I expect that you will DRESS the part. You should become your character fully. I would like you to draw what each of your characters look like. What do they wear? Use the paper and colored pencils at the front of the room.
Under the drawing, or on a separate piece of paper, write a thorough description of each character. What do they sound like, act like, talk like? Is there something they say that reveals who they are? Or, something they do? What are their character traits?

2/5-2/8 Drama Agendas


Open to your notes from last Friday.  Review your notes, the parts of the three act play and Freytag’s pyramid.  Be ready to label various parts of the climb.  I will call on you at random.

Separate this one act play into what COULD be three acts, and label the parts of Freytag’s pyramid as they would appear in the film.  I’ll help you do the first one.

Now, do it on your own.



Write comedy sketches – 5 minutes in length

Group Challenge
Group One Team Should I Upgrade my Cellphone?
Group Two Team Zombies in Spaceships are Invading our Town!
Group Three Team My Favorite TV Show Might be Cancelled!
Group Four Team I am Stuck in the Fast Food Drive-Thru!
Group Five Team I Can’t Figure out How to Use my Computer!
Group Six Team Where is the Shoe Store in this Mall?
  • Finally, take turns presenting their comedy sketches to the entire class.  Complete by end of class on 2/7.  Present on 2/8.

2/1-2/2 Drama Agendas


Using the script story you chose, identify your protagonist.

Create a page brainstorm wherein you write down everything you think about your character.

After, write a two to three sentence story summary telling what your story will be about.

Finally, part three, is to write a two to three closing statement where you explain what your main character has learned and how the story has ended.

Turn in for 10 points.


Story Structure PowerPoint: The three part structure

Assignment is at the end of presentation

Turn in at end of class.  Ten points.