5/29-6/1 English 1


Read Act 1 Scenes 1 through 2


What do you think the word “oxymoron” means?  Write a definition.



a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g., faith unfaithful kept him falsely true).

Read Scene 3; Write a paragraph describing what, beyond the obvious, this scene is about.


How hard is it to keep a secret? Are there circumstances when you think you should break a promise about keeping a secret?

Select play groups and two scenes.  Requirements:

1 Sounds rehearsed

2 Actually acting – meaning is clear (No Fear Shakespeare)

3 We can all hear you

4 Costumes


What is your opinion of “love at first sight?”  Explain.


Read through the rest of Act 1


5/21-5/26 English 1 Agenda


Write Essay

How does the novel, The House on Mango Street, use figurative language to create meaning?

  1. Introduction
    1. Hook
    2. Bridge
    3. Thesis Statement – The House on Mango Street uses _____ and _____ to create meaning.
  2. Body Paragraph 1 – First type of figurative language you chose
    1. Topic Sentence
    2. evidence – embedded quote
      1. Commentary (2 sentences) explaining how this proves your TS and WHY we care
    3. evidence #2 embedded quote
      1. Commentary (2 sentences) explaining how this proves your TS and WHY we care
  • Body Paragraph 2 – Second type of figurative language you chose
    1. Topic Sentence
    2. evidence – embedded quote
      1. Commentary (2 sentences) explaining how this proves your TS and WHY we care
    3. evidence #2 – embedded quote
      1. Commentary (2 sentences) explaining how this proves your TS and WHY we care
    4. Conclusion – wrap it up offering new insight of some kind (ie relate the novel to present day, or provide a new thought on figurative language)


Finish Essay


Read pages about Shakespeare in textbook and mind-map what you learned about him in pairs or by yourself.  After, read textbook pages that describe Shakespearean literary terms and take notes on the graphic organizer provided.


Watch Shakespeare Video and write down 25 facts in bullet point form describing what you learned from the video.


You need to complete two tasks in your groups today. Whether you do one at a time, or do both at the same time, they both need to get done.
(1) Answer all 5 questions, one answer sheet per group, following all instructions. Do not rewrite questions.  This is the Romeo/Juliet Pre-reading Activity that asks 5 questions about love and their experiences.
(2) Create a family crest for your group.

5/16-5/18 English 1 & 9RCP Agendas


Sneeze 5/16/18

Describe a situation where you were not able to communicate with another person.  Be sure to describe when and where it happened, how you felt, and what you did to deal with the situation.

Topic Sentence (Thesis/Mini-Thesis)

Evidence (Fortify)

Half page.


“Four Skinny Trees”

“No Speak English”

While reading:  identify TWO quotes/examples that show how ONE of your figurative language terms are used in this reading to answer the following prompt in a complete body paragraph.

How does House on Mango Street use figurative language to create meaning in the text?

5/17 –  5/18

Write a 1-2 sentence description of each of the woman neighbors listed in class.

Call up random students and copy their paragraphs.  Put them out of order.  Re-write the paragraphs so they are error free and so they students can see how what they did compares to what their peers did.  Several of the mistakes are often the same or similar.

5/14-5/15 English 1 & 9RCP Agendas



Imitate; Capsules; Intern; Notified; Wedged; Ferocious; Droop; Despite; Fuchsia

What is a bildungsroman?


a novel depicting someone’s growth from childhood to maturity

The protagonist grows, learns, and changes in order to take his or her place in the world

Bildungsroman is a German word that literally means “a novel of formation”

It is sometimes referred to as a coming of age story


“Papa Who Wakes Up Tired in the Dark”

“Born Bad”

“Elenita, Cards, Palm, Water”

“Geraldo No Last Name”

Please write down one sentence PER vignette describing what Esperanza learns or how she grows, and thus fits into the bildungsroman genre.


Sneeze 5/15/18

How do you want people to react when you die?  How would you want them to celebrate or remember your life?

“Edna’s Ruthie”

“Earl of Tennessee”



5/11 English 1 & 9RCP Agenda

Sneeze 5/11/18 (7 minutes, half page)

Describe a time where you finally got something you wanted and that was very special, but once you got it, it wasn’t what you expected it to be


Describe one of your most embarrassing moments.  Now, after time has passed, have your feelings changed about this moment? How?


Go over the figurative language worksheet


“A Rice Sandwich”



“The First Job”

Choose THREE quotes from any of today’s reading and write them down.  You will then connect those chosen quotes to your life in three sentence responses, for each quote.

What you do not complete is homework to be checked Monday.






5/8-5/9 English 1 & 9RCP Agendas


Figurative language worksheet with definitions!  Both sides.  Seven terms total.

alliteration; allusion; metaphor; personification; onomatopoeia; simile; symbolism; synesthesia

Read: “Marin,” “Those who Don’t,” and “There was an Old Woman…”


Pass back figurative language worksheets.  Have students work on them for another ten minutes.

Write figurative language terms in notebooks with definitions.  Fold a page in half with terms on the left and definitions on the right.

Sneeze 5/9/18

Recount an incident where you were scared or shared your fears with others.  Include their reactions to your fears.

Vocabulary 5/9/18

Doughty; Velvety; Cavern; Canteen; Anemic; Authority; Cue


“Alicia Who Sees Mice”

“Darius and the Clouds”

“And Some More”

“The Family of Little Feet”

Choose one to chart in your notebook.

4/30-5/4; 5/7 English 1 Agendas

Monday 4/30

Read “Caged Bird” and draw one frame per stanza illustrating that frame.


Read:  “Hairs” – Two Minutes

Answer: (6 minutes)

  • Describe each of the characters by his or her hair.
  • How does the narrator feel about her mother? Find evidence to support your stance.


Read: “Boys and Girls” – Two Minutes

Answer: (8 minutes)

  • According to the narrator, can boys be friends with girls? What experience has the narrator had to back up this position?
  • How does the narrator feel about her sister?
  • What does the narrator wish for, and why does she want one?

Read: “My Name” – Four Minutes

Answer: (8 minutes)

  • What is the narrators name and what does it mean?
  • Who is she named after? What is that woman like?
  • What is a woman’s role in Mexican society, according to the narrator?

Read: “Cathy Queen of Cats” – Four Minutes

Answer: (8 minutes)

  • Who is Cathy, and why is she the Queen of Cats?
  • Why does Cathy’s family have to move soon?
  • How do you think Esperanza feels about their reason for moving?

Choose one vignette and analyze it using the vignette chart we learned in class.

Period 1 Wednesday

  • Write in notebooks:

Sneeze 5/2/18 – ten minutes

Write what you know about your name.  What does it mean?  How was it chosen? How do you feel about it?  What similes and metaphors would you use to describe your feelings about it?

  • Have them look up using their phone or dictionaries, these four words, and then discuss the meaning of each word with them. – 8 minutes

Lopsided; Scrambling; Pleated; Dangle

You may read in groups, but for these particular questions, I need INDIVIDUAL answers for each student in NOTEBOOKS.

  • Read: “Our Good Day” – 15 minutes

1. Describe a good day with your friends.\

2. Why do you think simple toys, like bicycles and kites, are still popular in an age of cell phones and video games?

  • Read: “Laughter” – 15 minutes


1. Which family member are you most like physically?  How?  Which family member are you most like in personality?  How?

2.  Do you feel like you often make friends with people who feel like you do? Why or why not?  Give a few examples to support your answer.


  • Write in notebooks:
    Sneeze 5/3/18 Ten Minutes: Has someone else ever shown prejudice against you due to age, race, ethnicity, religious background, or something else? What did the person do or say?  How did you react?
  • Language focus Sequence and Sentence Structure Worksheets – 3 Pages, self explanatory

Students may work in pairs or alone.  ONE set of worksheets per pair, not two.  Staple and turn in at the end of class.

Period 1 FRIDAY

Sneeze 5/4 – 7 minutes

Write about a time that you risked your safety for a competition or to have more fun.  Would you do it again?  Half of a page.

Read in groups through page 26 in HOMS and one answer sheet per group.

Choose ONE of the vignettes that you relate the most to.  I would now like you to write one paragraph describing what you believe happened before the vignette started, and one concluding paragraph wrapping up and ending the story where it left off.

Period 1 Monday 5/7

Review assignments from last week.  Allow to re-do/complete.

4/27 English 1 Agenda

Sneeze 4/27/18

Vocabulary!  Look up and write down definitions!  Fifteen minutes!

  1. Barrettes
  2. Rosettes
  3. Pincurls
  4. Raggedy
  5. Inherit
  6. Wobbly
  7. Crumbly
  8. Sassy
  9. Vignette

Read Vignette one “House of Mango Street” and fill out the Vignette analysis chart to provide summary, setting, personal thoughts, and literary techniques.

4/26 English 1, 9RCP, and 2 Agendas


Get out your notebooks.

Title:  Web-Source Reliability 4/26/18

Write down these words:






Look up the words’ definitions in your groups.  Each person must have the words and definitions written in each journal.

CRAAP Test – is the media reliable????

CRAAP Test checklist


Choose two websites to evaluate in your groups. Access one website at a time and discuss how the CRAPP test is or is not fulfilled. Fill out the worksheet. One per website, one per group.


Dog Island

The Jackelope

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

On the bottom of each website test, write one sentence describing why the website is or is not a reliable source.