9/19/19-9/20/19 English 1H Agendas



Vocabulary Jam

MDG group reading and characterization continues.  Choose one character that particularly fascinated you.  Get a blank sheet of paper and draw the character using the gingerbread format I have shown in class.


Break into groups.  Read pages 40-45 of MDG.  Analyze EACH character you meet by using the acronym STEAL and the corresponding questions.  Do so on a loose leaf piece of paper. One per person.

Characterization questions:

Image result for characterization steal


Review project for Independent Reading. Begin working on part one of the project which is due Friday.  The project is on Google Classroom.


Library orientation leading up to checking out your own personal reading book.


9/9/19-9/13/19 English Honors Agendas


Library activity and worksheet.


Vocabulary.com interface familiarity with vocabulary from MDG. Define in notebook.  Complete assigned vocabulary.

  1. tangible
  2. indolent
  3. droll
  4. recede
  5. staccato
  6. opaque
  7. palatial
  8. mirage
  9. gargoyle
  10. discern
  11. disarming


  1. amenities
  2. ardent
  3. surmount
  4. debacle
  5. security
  6. cunning
  7. attribute
  8. condone
  9. invariably
  10. imprudent




Speed Dating Socratic Seminar (in notebook).

Padlet exercise to share some answers and familiarize students with this interface.


In notebook:

Most Dangerous Game Anticipation Questions


Write down each statement as we go.  Write two sentences or more in response to whether you agree or disagree with each statement.

  1. Hunting is a sport.
  2. Animals have no feelings or emotions.
  3. If faced with a seemingly impossible task, you should never try to accomplish it.
  4. Hunting is unfair.
  5. People who tend to do well under pressure, often succeed at their tasks.
  6. Physical strength is more important than intelligence.
  7. Bringing a gun to a knife fight is fair.
  8. Murder is wrong no matter what the circumstances may be.
  9. Your first impression of a person is always right.


Peer edit short stories that were completed in class Friday or over the weekend using peer editing worksheet.  Edit and return tomorrow.  Staple in this order, front to back: Final Copy, Rough Draft, Peer Editing Worksheet.

English 1H Agenda 9/3-9/6


Complete Letters to Ms. N from Friday.

Pass out planners and coordinate planners with school calendars and schedules.

Homework: Read Axolotl by Cortazar.  Answer focus questions.  Story and questions on Google Classroom.


Check homework.

Discuss the story in terms of point of view and purpose.

Create Venn Diagram of human v. axolotl traits. Discuss metamorphosis.


Share information about the animal axolotl.  Talk about context.  Re-do Venn Diagrams.  Share on board.

Assign creative writing research.  Choose something to metamorph and research so that you can use context.  Be ready to write tomorrow.



8/27/2019-8/30/2019 English Classes! Week One!

Welcome to a new school and year OHS Yellow Jackets!  I will be your guide throughout this first year journey and strongly suggest that you keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times.


(1) Complete quotes assignment

(2) Learn how to log in to a Chrome Book, access your email, and Google Classroom.

(3) Do the assignment posted in Google Classroom:

Please click the YouTube Video below and watch it in order to better understand how to submit an assignment on Google Classroom.

Create a document following the instructions from the video, and write me a letter telling me about yourself:

Begin with a salutation: Dear Ms. Navarro,

Paragraph One: Include information about yourself, (your family, places you have lived, your pets, any travels, jobs, sports, hobbies, unique interests and/or talents, etc.) Be sure to include names and ages where appropriate. Be specific with your information.

Paragraph Two: Include information about you and the subject of language arts. What do you like to read? What movies have you enjoyed? What are your art and music interests? What are your interests outside of academic classes? How do you learn best? What grade do you normally make in language arts?

Paragraph Three: Include information about your goals. These would include goals for this class, for this school year, for all of high school, for life after high school, and for your life’s goal.

Finally, end with a closing: Your student, Sincerely, Yours Truly, etc. Your name should be signed in cursive.

Checklist for writing the letter:

1. I have used friendly letter format.
2. I have written a neat copy of my letter to turn in to be graded.
3. I have signed my first and last name to the letter.
4. I have written three separate paragraphs, using complete sentence format.
5. I have used transitions to make my writing flow smoothly.
6. I have begun each paragraph with a topic sentence.
7. I have followed rules of spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.


In teams of two to four you will choose a quote from a book, poem, song, etc. that you relate to and sticks with you.  You will then put the quote on the provided paper in a visually appealing way.  After, you will write on a separate lined sheet of paper why you personally relate to the quote in five sentences or more.  Tell me a story or something of the like.  “I don’t know” or “I just like it” are not acceptable answers and will be marked as zeros.


One quote per group


One paragraph per person

You may choose your own groups.  NO you may not work in with more people.



(1) At this station, students will collaborate with their group members to come up with at least seven class community agreement statements. How do we create a safe and empowering learning environment? Think of behavioral norms that you need your peers and teacher to follow in order to feel safe, respected, and empowered in our classroom. Be as specific as possible.

(2) Create a name tent

(3) Answer questions in group or solo:

  1. How many students are in the classroom?
  2. How many are boys?
  3. How many are girls?
  4. What room number are we in?
  5. Find something red in the classroom.
  6. Name one thing you like about our classroom.
  7. Name one thing you would add or subtract to the room to make it better.

(4) Play Tangoes Puzzle Game

(5) Play Baseball Puzzle Game


Note card activity:

Preferred Name:
Areas of opportunity:
Classroom needs:
Concern/fear about this academic year:

Pass out syllabus.  Answer these questions:

1. What are some language arts’ skills that we will be learning this year?
2. What are three types of assessments offered in this class?
3. What is the late work policy?
4. What materials are you expected to have when coming to class?
5. According to the syllabus, when are you on time to class?
6. What is the policy for electronic devices in this class?
7. When am I available for tutoring?
8. What is my web page?
9. What is my email?