9/21 English 9RCP & English 1 Agendas

Periods 1, 5, 6


Please get your textbook.  Sit in your groups for irony charts.

Get out your irony charts so you can complete them.  If you do not finish them, they will be HOMEWORK.  Worth 10 points .  Incomplete = ZERO credit.  Late = half credit.

Periods 3, 4

“Ummmm Game”

9/20 English 1 & English 9RCP Agendas


Page 10, Title: MDG Character Comparison

Turn to page 10 and set up the page.  Write the bold prompt under the title:

In a Venn diagram, compare General Zaroff and Rainsford.

What qualities, experiences, hobbies, etc. do they share, and what are their differences?


While reading search for Irony.  When done, find three examples of irony, for each type of irony, in “The Most Dangerous Game.”  Due for homework if incomplete.

9/19 English 1 and English 9RCP Agenda


Notebooks Page 9, Irony Application

What kind of irony do you see, and why?  Answer in complete sentences.

  1.   In Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Macbeth appears to be loyal to Duncan, but he is actually plotting his murder. Duncan doesn’t know Macbeth’s plans, but the audience knows what is going to happen.
  2.   The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin tells the tale of a wife who learned her husband was dead. She felt a sense of freedom, thinking about her new life out from under his thumb. Suddenly, the husband returns (he never was dead) and she dies of shock.
  3.   A snobbish woman – who perceives moonstone to be a poor man’s gemstone – is given a pair of moonstone earrings by her fiancé. When she opens the box, she says, “Thank you, honey. I just love moonstones. They’re so – simple.”

Read “MDG” and make chart in the notebook under the Irony Application from today.  Three headings on the chart: Situational, Dramatic, and Verbal.  Find three examples of EACH type of irony in MDG, quote them, and write down the page.

9/17-9/18 English 1CP & English 9RCP


“MDG” Warmup

What is your first impression of Rainsford?  Why do you feel this way about him?

Read MDG, fill out character chart, discuss setting


Please find your notebook in the front of the room. We are taking Cornell notes!

Table of Contents:

Page 8, title: Cornell Notes

What did you just ask me to do Ms. Navarro? What are Cornell notes and how do I use them?

Use your new -found Cornell skills to take notes on the following:

  •        Situational Irony Video: This YouTube video provides examples of situational irony and explains why coincidence is not irony.
  •        Verbal Irony Video: This YouTube video provides examples of verbal irony and discusses the differences among verbal irony, sarcasm, and compliments.
  •        Dramatic Irony Video: This YouTube video provides examples of dramatic irony and discusses dramatic irony as a storytelling device.


9/13/18-9/14/18 English 9RCP & English 1 Agendas


Sign up for collections site and google classroom.


If one is not at your desk, please get an orange textbook.  Put the following into your notebook:

“MDG” Prewrite (10 minutes)

What constitutes a valuable life? Why? Where do you get your beliefs about this from? Please write at least SIX sentences.


(If you don’t believe that all lives are valuable, give examples of types of lives that are not valuable and explain why they’re not. If you believe that all lives are valuable, explain why even serial murderers’ lives and terrorists’ lives are valuable.)

9/12/18 English 1 & English 9RCP Agendas


Get an orange textbook from under the windows on your way in the classroom.

Open your notebook to our discussion questions from yesterday.  Take one minute to review what you wrote and why.


Please open your notebook to your table of contents.  Write the date and page 6.  The title will be “Survival!”

Prompt: You are shipwrecked with one other friend!  You must survive!  What are the most important traits and skills to have?  Why? List at least six traits or skills.

Make a character chart for the three characters.  Begin to fill it out as we read.

Sketch what the house on the island and the land around it looks like according to the text.

9/11 English 1

Complete slides.

Open to your table of Contents. Before Reading Warm Up – Page 5 in notebook (10 minutes)

True or False?  Why do you feel that way? Write down your well thought out reasons for why each option is true or false, in complete sentences.

  1. Hunting is a sport.
  2. Animals have no feelings.
  3. Hunting is evil.
  4. Hunting is unfair.
  5. Strength is more important than intelligence.
  6. Bringing a gun to a knife fight is fair.

Share in groups.

Discuss as a class.

9/10/18 English 9RCP Agenda

9/10/18 – Jigsaw Vocabulary
Please get into your groups that your formed Friday and have out your notebooks.
Page 6 in your table of contents will be titled: “The Most Dangerous Game” Vocabulary
Please set up page six in your notebook.

Step one: Look up a word’s definition and write it down.
Step two: Write down a sentence using that word.

1. dread
2. dank
3. palpable
4. cannibal
5. tangible
6. mystify
7. recede
8. doggedly
9. extremity
10. vitality
11. flounder
12. lacerate
13. bleak
14. palatial
15. chateau
16. bluff
17. menacing
18. cultivated
19. aristocrat
20. medieval
21. feudal
22. refectory
23. ardent
24. cavalry
25. debacle
26. imprudent
27. surmount
28. bewilderment
29. grisly
30. Puritan
31. scruples
32. barbarous
33. elude
34. invariably
35. braggart
36. grotesque
37. stealthy
38. sallow
39. solicitous
40. ennui
41. thicket
42. venerable
43. futile
44. intricate
45. zealous
46. apprehensive
47. tapestry
48. pungent
49. uncanny
50. precariously
51. protruding
52. placid
53. cower

9/10/18 Agenda

Continue Literary Devices Notes

Here is the powerpoint we used in class: