5/14-5/18 Drama Agendas

Your RANT needs to be TYPED and MEMORIZED.

Format!  Remember when we did monologues?  How about scripts?  Your formatting MUST match the requirements for scripts.  You should know how to do this!

Thirty seconds to one minute.  Stop asking me if you wrote enough.  Say it out loud and have a table partner time you.
Lastly:  HAVE FUN!


Left – 1 ½ inch Right – 1 inch

Top – 1 inch Bottom – 1 inch

Use TABS or software for proper format.

[press tab six times OR center] Characters name in CAPS


[press tab two times] (how the line is said…………………….)

(sarcastically whispers)

Dialogue goes from margin to margin……………………………………………….

[press tab one time] Direction of action…………………………………..

VERONICA runs across the stage frantically searching for her glasses.

Title Page:     CENTER


Pages must be numbered. Place number in upper right hand corner of page.

Length 1 page equals about 1 minute. A One Act Play should be 45 to 55 pages.

A Ten Minute Play should be approximately 9-10 pages.

Print: 12 pt font Courier New



5/14-5/15 English 2 Agendas


Assign these questions to four different groups


  • Ralph, who begins the chapter being hunted in the jungle, finds the pig’s head, the ‘Lord of the Flies.’ What does he do with it?
  • When Jack can’t get to Ralph, who is hiding in some dense brush in the jungle, what new approach does he take to get to his enemy?
  • Ralph runs to the beach to escape the hunters and finds someone unexpected. Who does he find on the beach?


  • What brought the naval officer to the island?
  • When the naval officer finds Ralph on the beach, he reacts with a mixture of emotions. Explain what he seems to feel at the sight of Ralph and the members of Jack’s tribe.
  • When Ralph is hiding in the thicket, how do Jack’s hunters know where to find him?


  • Situational irony comes up when there’s tension between what actually happens in the story and what you, as the reader, expected to happen. Explain the situational irony of the boys’ rescue at the end of the novel.
  • Deus ex machina is a literary device. When writers put characters in a terrible situation and then suddenly, out of nowhere, they give the characters a way out, that’s deus ex machina. Explain how that term applies to the end of Lord of the Flies.
  • A literary motif is an idea that keeps appearing throughout a book. Explain how the motif of predator and prey functions in this final chapter of the novel.


  • Percival, one of the littleuns in the group, was only able to say his name and address at the beginning of the novel.  Now, when he approached the naval officer, “he sought in his head for an incantation that had faded clean away.”  In other words, he no longer remembers his name.  Explain the significance of this moment.
  • Why don’t the boys celebrate when the naval officer comes to rescue them?
  • Contrast the naval officer’s expectation of the boys with the reality on the island.


Please get into your question groups from yesterday

We will review the questions quickly, and then play a review game in your survival groups.


5/14-5/15 English 1 & 9RCP Agendas



Imitate; Capsules; Intern; Notified; Wedged; Ferocious; Droop; Despite; Fuchsia

What is a bildungsroman?


a novel depicting someone’s growth from childhood to maturity

The protagonist grows, learns, and changes in order to take his or her place in the world

Bildungsroman is a German word that literally means “a novel of formation”

It is sometimes referred to as a coming of age story


“Papa Who Wakes Up Tired in the Dark”

“Born Bad”

“Elenita, Cards, Palm, Water”

“Geraldo No Last Name”

Please write down one sentence PER vignette describing what Esperanza learns or how she grows, and thus fits into the bildungsroman genre.


Sneeze 5/15/18

How do you want people to react when you die?  How would you want them to celebrate or remember your life?

“Edna’s Ruthie”

“Earl of Tennessee”



5/11 English 2 Agenda

Read Chapter 11

  1. Write a summary of what happens at Castle Rock including what happens to Piggy, to Ralph, and to the conch.
  2. What problem does Ralph and Piggy experience at the beginning of the chapter? What are three steps they take to solve this problem? Include information from chapter 11 in your answer.
  3. What is the author’s purpose for attacking Piggy? Provide one detail from chapter 11 in your answer.
  4. Cliffhanger! I want you to write down evidence of what is happening now that helps to foreshadow what you think will happen in the concluding chapter.  Include evidence from chapter 11 AND your predictions that stem from this evidence.

5/11 English 1 & 9RCP Agenda

Sneeze 5/11/18 (7 minutes, half page)

Describe a time where you finally got something you wanted and that was very special, but once you got it, it wasn’t what you expected it to be


Describe one of your most embarrassing moments.  Now, after time has passed, have your feelings changed about this moment? How?


Go over the figurative language worksheet


“A Rice Sandwich”



“The First Job”

Choose THREE quotes from any of today’s reading and write them down.  You will then connect those chosen quotes to your life in three sentence responses, for each quote.

What you do not complete is homework to be checked Monday.






5/10 Drama Agenda

20 minutes to finish up telephone project for tomorrow


Divide 12 warm-ups into four groups.  Rotate students through them.

5/8-5/9 Drama Agendas


Within a particular time/place there are different languages.

We speak differently for different occasions.

(tone and vocabulary change)

Hallway vs. classroom


It also depends on your role and purpose in the action.

We speak differently depending on our role.

Student – asking a question

Teacher – lecturing on a concept


It also depends by how the characters feel about each other.

We speak differently depending on how we feel about the person we’re talking to.

Teenager hates older cousin

Teenager loves older sister

Telephone Conversations Voice Project


Work on Project



5/8-5/9 English 2 Agendas



Nature vs. Nurture. The nature versus nurture debate is about the relative influence of an individual’s innate attributes as opposed to the experiences from the environment one is brought up in, in determining individual differences in physical and behavioral traits.

So you should be looking for evidence of the way someone was raised OR how them being out in nature has made them revert to their innate form.

Structure for a compare/contrast paragraph was handed out.  Students first attempt at such a paragraph.


Get your notebooks from the front of the room.

Open to a blank page.

Title it:

5/9/18 Sample Compare and Contrast Paragraph

Write along with students:

Jack and Ralph have many similarities and differences.  First, Jack and Ralph are the same because both want to be leaders.  For instance, Jack and Ralph argue over who is to be in charge and so both form their own tribes.  Additionally, they both are respected by the other children on the island.  The respect the other children have for the two leaders is evident because the other children hang on their every word and do as they say.

  1. Topic Sentence
    1. Similar
      1. Inference from text (a leader)
        1. Evidence that this inference is true (gets food)
      2. Inference from text
        1. Evidence
      3. Different
        1. Inference
          1. Evidence
        2. Inference
          1. Evidence

What I will check tomorrow:

Did you read chapter 10?  Is there ONE NOTE per PAGE for chapter 10.