9/5 9RCP & English 1 Agenda

Bring your textbook to class!!

9/5 Sneeze (10 minutes)

True or False?  Why do you feel that way? Write down your well thought out reasons for why each option is true or false, in complete sentences.

  • ___ Hunting is a sport.
  • ___ Animals have no feelings.
  • ___ Hunting is evil.
  • ___ Hunting is unfair.
  • ___ Animals have emotions.
  • ___ Strength is more important than
  • ___ Bringing a gun to a knife fight is fair.

Share in groups.

Discuss as a class.

Vocabulary jigsaw!

In groups of four, look up the definition of the words assigned to you.  Write down the words and definitions in your composition books, and then write a sentence using your new word.  Be prepared to share your answers.

  1. dread
  2. dank
  3. palpable
  4. cannibal
  5. tangible
  6. mystify
  7. recede
  8. doggedly
  9. extremity
  10. vitality
  11. flounder
  12. lacerate
  13. bleak
  14. palatial
  15. chateau
  16. bluff
  17. menacing
  18. cultivated
  19. aristocrat
  20. medieval
  21. feudal
  22. refectory
  23. ardent
  24. cavalry
  25. debacle
  26. imprudent
  27. surmount
  28. bewilderment
  29. grisly
  30. Puritan
  31. scruples
  32. barbarous
  33. elude
  34. invariably
  35. braggart
  36. grotesque
  37. stealthy
  38. sallow
  39. solicitous
  40. ennui
  41. thicket
  42. venerable
  43. futile
  44. intricate
  45. zealous
  46. apprehensive
  47. tapestry
  48. pungent
  49. uncanny
  50. precariously
  51. protruding
  52. placid
  53. cower



8/31 Drama Agenda

Break into pods and ask each other the following questions:

Open Discussion Questions

Who has taken drama before?

Been in a play? Favorite play?

Favorite subject?

Dream job?

Favorite color?

Biggest fear?

Random fact?

MAKING INQUIRIES – acting warm up

  • divide into pairs and each pair decides who is ‘A’ and who is ‘B’
  • A must find out as much as he can about B in 2 minutes
  • At the end of that time, the As stay where they are and the Bs change partners
  • TWIST: now B is a policeman who is suspicious of A and intends to question him
  • A must act as the B he has just questioned. He must remember all the details that he can from that conversation so that when the new B starts questioning him – about his name, address, and so on – he can answer with detailed information, in role as his former partner. (When he can’t remember, he is at liberty to invent.)

All Change – Conversations – another warm up!

  • The class divides into pairs and decide on who is ‘A’ and who is ‘B’
  • The teacher then gives the class a simple and straightforward topic for conversation, or a situation
  • They converse for a minute or two and then the teacher interrupts with fresh instructions that alter the situation partially but not completely
  • Teacher continues to make changes, with increasing swiftness and strangeness, as the game progresses.



8/31 and 9/1 English 1 & English 9RCP Agenda

Due Tues:

Index card with your personal memoir on it


Signed Syllabus!


6-Word Memoir (An evidence-based narrative)

Like Ernest Hemingway, you have the challenge of writing your 6-word memoir. If today were the last day of life, and you could only tell your life’s story in 6 words, what would you say? Or if you could only impart one piece of wisdom to the world, what would you say?

1.   Choose your six-word memoir

Example: Certain all hope was lost. Survived!

                                             –John Smith

2.   Write a narrative piece describing the story behind your six word memoir. By the end of the narrative, I should know what led you to want to impart this piece of wisdom on the world.

3.   Use your six words as the title to your narrative. Is your heading on your story?

4.   Find a picture of yourself, draw, cut out from magazines, or select an image to represent your memoir, and paste on a notecard that I will provide for you.

 5.  Paste your memoir and name on top of the picture in an appropriate location.

 6.  Turn in your 6-word memoir in tomorrow at the end of class, and be ready to share your choice.


Examples of a six word memoir at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DW8hOX6QcLk

8/31 and 9/1 English 2 Agenda

Read short story “One of these Days” in class 

Short discussion about whether you would do the same thing and why…

In class writing assignment:

  1. Write to me a narrative short story about a time you decided to do the right thing, even though it was difficult, arduous, or you simply did not want to do it.
  2. Your story should be at least two pages, single spaced. Should you decide to skip lines, the story should be four pages.
  3. Please do your best work and have fun with this assignment!
  4. Don’t forget a creative title.
  5. Whose paper is this? Make sure your heading is in the top right.

Due Tues:

Signed Syllabus!


8/30 Drama Agenda

Today we went over the syllabus and did impersonations.

  1. choose a person you wish to impersonate who does not attend this school
  2. write down what makes them an individual
  3. decide why this person is different that you.  Do they speak differently?  Do they walk differently?  What is their personality like?
  4. Write a paragraph of dialogue (words only), and skip lines, of this person introducing you to people you have never met before.
  5. Write the subtext under the dialogue of what the person means when they are saying the words, how they say them, and what they do with their body when they are saying them.  Be sure to write these “instructions” under the part of the dialogue they belong to.
  6. Practice in small groups!  Turn in your work!